Crystal Eyes

from by Blank Forest

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Wind, stroking my face
Is the affection that I ever needed
The air dries my eyes
But I can still look at the skyline.

How many times you have to decide?
Between what's good or bad
Maybe good is not sweet,
Sometimes good is hard to deal with.

We try to make choices with wisdom
Taking care from the past
But sometimes it holds you
And you just don't know what to do.

This time I want to get free,
Free from people, enemies, world...
Is it worth doing? Free from life…
I don't want to waste it, not anymore.

I just can't forget my family
They gave me everything
I was keen on living life
It was a discover to me

They taught me how to live
How to keep going on
Without leaving back anything
Respecting the world

(III-The Break)
Now I can see the mistake,
I lived with no fears
Without troubles on mind
Growing life became scary.

And I still remember
The day my mother died
We were so frightened,
At the mercy of the time!

Emotions got the upper hand
Over our uncontrolled acts
My dad got out of mind
I remember his hands on me

But I was still a child,
Just started to grow
I'd like to react to him
I had to wait more.

Years were passing
Hate was rising
I was growing with a mad
Who made me sad

Sometimes I would
Just have killed him.
Maybe now I would not be
What I hate so much!

[The darkest hour is just before the dawn]

But my mother taught me
To respect each life
I just can't understand
Why she loved him

I had to split my soul from
present and my desires.
My only aim is her,
I just can't let her go!

Years and years I've tried
Now I'm a man, don't forget
I want to start again
And share all my life with her

There's a new life in front of me
I won't do what my father did
She’s so perfect to me
I'm honest, that's what I wish.

One day of our life together
I heard her crying
She came to me
With her vest in her blood

She said she betrayed me
But regret was so hard
That she couldn't go on
And stabbed herself

I held her in my arms,
I stared her in the eyes
While heart was stopping.
It took a lot to be consumed.

I didn't call the aid
We didn't want to

What can you do more
If you've given all you have?

Life has no meaning to me.
I don't want to go on
Hoping in something
That never comes.

There's no light
At the end of my path.
Try to find yours,
Mine's just ended.

[When your strength becomes your weakness,
your efforts to survive will lead you to death.
We're only lip reading life without hearing
the lullaby of groans that come from the deepest abyss.]


from Kayros, released July 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Blank Forest Udine, Italy

Blank Forest is a prog group formed in 2012 by Luca Moreale (guitar/vocals) and Valerio Simonini (keyboards) who wanted to create new inspiring tracks, trying to blend different genres.
They started working on their pieces on their own (like a studio project) then they called Michele Di Gleria (drums) and Carlo De Biaggio (bass) and definitively decided to form the band.
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